Seatbelts - The Sudden Stopper

Seatbelts - The Sudden Stopper

One of the key safety features of your vehicle is your seat belt. Since its invention, it has saved millions of people from injury or more severe injury during crashes.

Modern seatbelts are quite complex devices that operate in a fraction of a second to stop you moving forward in a crash. There are also pyrotechnic devices in seatbelts called pre-tensioners that react almost instantly in a major crash to make increase tension to hold you in position.

The main checks you can do on your seatbelt is to look for wear on the webbing. If it is looking frayed two things may happen. Firstly it may fail the next WOF, but secondly and more importantly, it may fail in a crash and not give you the protection it should.
If your seatbelt retracts slowly, or super fast, there may be an issue with the mechanism, again risking failure in a crash.

If you would like us to check your seatbelts for you, please call into the workshop, we will assess the belts in your car and if needed give you a quote for replacing them.

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