Time To Check Your Spare Tyre

Time To Check Your Spare Tyre

It’s cold, it's raining, you get a flat tyre. You struggle in the rain to jack up the car and discover when you get the spare tyre out, it is flat. GRRRR!!!!

The Spare tyre, whether it is a full-size wheel, or a ‘get you home’ yellow beauty aka space saver, is often overlooked by drivers in their regular simple safety checks.

The spare tyre sits in its wheel well for months or even years before it is needed, but you still have to check it.

Every month you should check the tyre pressures including the spare tyre, make sure that if you needed it, it would be ready to help you. While you are checking the tyre, you might also check your jack, and other tyre changing equipment are in the car. Often these get taken out for various reasons. Also, check you have your mag wheel socket so that you can get the wheels off if needed.

As always, if you need help or advice please feel free to come to the workshop and ask. We are happy to give you advice and help you with your concerns.

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