Air Con Service

Has your Air con stopped working? Not blowing crisp cold air or warm dry air anymore? We can help..

The team at Arnel Service Centre are trained in automotive air conditioning, with our Bosch Air conditioning equipment we can diagnose faults efficiently and service your vehicles A/C system.
Ensuring crisp cool or dry warm driving no matter what the season.

Many people think of air-conditioning as a summer thing, but your vehicles air-conditioning works for you all year round. On cold winter days, your air-conditioning is the thing that demists your window before you set off in the morning, as well as keeping you warm as you drive.

How often do you see people driving along trying to wipe their windscreen clear from the inside? This is so dangerous.

If you have your air conditioning serviced you can ensure that it will be running at its maximum efficiency, summer or winter.

In our CBD workshop, we can access your vehicles air condition system and fully empty and re-gas it safely in an environmentally friendly way. Please call the workshop if you want to book in an air conditioning service.

Summer is fast approaching and that means road trips! And whats more important than having snacks & a finely tuned playlist to sing along to? Cold crisp air conditioning to make the trip that much cooler

Call 07 839 5839 to book your air conditioning service today.

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