Full Engine Service

Engine servicing is important for the smooth running of your vehicle.
Here at Arnel Service Centre we can take care of your vehicles servicing no matter what make & model- new or used.

We service a wide range of vehicles, from vintage cars through to top of the line European/ Japanese models.
Using our online data system we ensure the correct engine oil is used in accordance to manufactures specification. Correct oil quality and grade is essential, especially in modern vehicles so its important to get it right. That`s why we only use Valvoline Engine Oil.

When you bring your vehicle to us for servicing we carry out a full comprehensive inspection
this includes:
• Road test of the vehicle
• Computerised brake test
• Test of all lights on the vehicle
• Clean battery posts and terminals
• Test charging system
• Fill washer fluid/check wiper blades and windscreen for damage
• Check air conditioning
• Check cabin filter
• Visual check of the air filter
• Check/top up transmission fluid/diff/transaxle fluid
• Lubricate door hinges
• Replace sump plug washer and change oil and filter
• Visual check of exhaust system and security
• Check balljoints, steering and suspension components
• Visual check drive belts
• Adjust tyre pressure
• Coolant condition
• Brake fluid moisture level
• Inspection of brake components
• Reset service indicator
• Measurement of tyre tread depth

Why should you replace your engines oil & filter at the correct mileage?

Having your oil and filter changed is one of the most common maintenance requirements for the performance of your vehicle. A regularly scheduled oil change is quite possibly one of the most importance maintenance jobs because it is invaluable to the life of your engine. While lubricating the engine with oil is very important to reduce wear and friction, it carries heat away from other critical areas and helps to make the engine parts run cooler. A regular oil change also helps to combat rust and corrosion and reduces engine noise. When combined with the oil filter, it removes impurities and contaminants from the engine. Changing your oil and filter at each service check is recommended by most auto manufacturers because it has been proven that this maintenance service is key to a long and trouble-free engine life.

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