Seat belt Replacement

Failed a WOF for a seat belt? Here at Arnel Service Centre the safety of your vehicle is our priority

We are Hamilton's specialist in the replacement of Seat belts for most makes & models.

New After market Seat belts are available for most makes and models in a good variety of colours and configurations. Different types of seat belts include:

Retractable: Common type of seat belt fitted to most vehicles which retracts back when not in use.

Please note- Some late model vehicles are fitted with ‘Pyrotechnic’ seat belts which connect to the airbag system – these are very expensive to replace and in most cases are available only as genuine parts from the vehicle manufacturers but please talk to us first.

Lap Belts: Fitted in many vehicles in the centre rear position.

Static: These are the older style which are fixed and do not roll away.
These are suited to vintage vehicles.

Pre-tensioner seat belts were first installed into vehicles as from the late 90′s. Pre-tensioners (also known as pyrotechnic seat belt) are sensor wired to the E.U.C and equipped with a compressed gas cylinder which in the event of an accident will trigger a retractor device to pull you firmly backward into the chair to help prevent injury. A truly ingenious invention but very expensive to replace. If your vehicle has air bags this type of belt will be fitted.

Thousands of cars are failing compliance and W.O.F inspections on faulty seat belts every day. Statistics say that around 30,000 vehicles fail every year. N.Z legislation states that; “Seat belt webbing must not be cut, ripped, torn, frayed, faded or stretched. The webbing must not have unusual web patterns, must not be deformed, curled, rippled or have otherwise deteriorated, must be structurally sound and free of corrosion, so as not to reduce the performance of the seat belt”

If you have any questions regarding seat belts that have not been answered please call or email us and we will be happy to assist. Don`t forgot to have your vehicles registration number handy

With your vehicles information we can accurately give you a cost to replace your seat belt.

Damaged webbing can be replaced, this process requires the seat belt to be removed & sent to a certified seat belt webbing specialist. This is a 3-4 day turn around.
This option is good if your 'Pre tens' type seat belt that maybe expensive or not available in New Zealand

Can my seatbelt be repaired?
No. Due to safety issues, we do not repair seatbelts. However, we do sell and fit new seatbelts for all makes and models of vehicles.

Just give us a call with a few details on 07 839 5839 , or click here to email us with a few details and we will be able to give you a price, and a time when we can fit it for you..

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