Servicing and Repair

We carry out all mechanical repairs & offer a full range of servicing, Regular servicing and maintenance checks of your vehicle is essential, it helps prevent breakdowns and keeps you & your family moving.

Here at Arnel Service Centre we offer a full range of safety inspections and servicing requirements to keep you mobile. Your vehicle is an important part of your family and we understand that without it there is frustration, that`s why with regular check ups and fluid replacements we can help you stay on the road for longer.

Routine maintenance and servicing of your vehicle is a must.
There is nothing more frustrating than to encounter car trouble or have your car break down in some remote area, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can avoid these types of incidents if you have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. When you purchase a new or used car, you have made a costly investment that requires routine maintenance that minimises expensive repairs and breakdowns. Regular car maintenance is not only essential to getting the best performance from your car, but it’s also very important to increase its life span and reducing the risk of leaving you and your family stranded.

Check out the different car servicing options we have available below

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