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"Hi Tony & Sam

Thanks very very much for talking to me and Terry on Thursday morning. We were a little bit stressed to say the least and getting your support was awesome. The Tow Truck driver came over from Hamilton to Waihi at 5.00 pm last Thursday after we had done a job in Whangamata so we had time to travel back down to Waihi. Thankfully our old girl fitted his truck and he was really good to deal with. He parked our car at our property exactly where we asked him to so it was good to find her safe & sound on Sunday afternoon when we got back from Whangamata.

Just wanted to say thanks again. BNI is more than just a group of networking businesses, it is a network of people you really can rely upon. Priceless.

Hope you had a good Beach Hop too, at least the weather improved on the weekend.

Kind regards"

Kathryn Christensen
Director/Franchise Owner
Realsure Stuart Ltd t/a
Realsure The House Inspectors
"Thank you for the speedy WOF this afternoon!! Once again, excellent service."
Cushla Kemp - Hamilton
"Excellent service, all the way through the process I was kept informed. Thank you for such a professional service."
Tony Allwood - Hamilton
"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the team at Arnel, especially Tony, for speedily diagnosing and fixing the issue with our car on extremely short notice. Timing was critical for us as we were driving cross-country on a mission, and within 15 minutes of dropping in nearly unannounced on a busy day, they were on top of things for us.
Very happy customers. If we lived in Hamilton we would certainly take our vehicle to Arnel every time!

"The team here are outstanding and all demonstrated real genuine knowledge and customer care and focus. They have gone to great honest heights to help make my last and present car run like a dream. Also have explained more than any-and without a doubt -no hidden costs or charges. I am barter card member.and could go elsewhere. But I always am happy to support these guys as I know the standard of work is tops. And there knowledge stands out big time. And there work on my b.m.w this year has been awesome... Thanks you all. 5 stars"
Kaleb - Hamilton
"Hi Tony,
Thank you so much for your friendly thorough and helpful service yesterday.
I appreciated how you not only picked up and dropped of our car for us, you also took the time to go the W.O.F place to finalize our warrant.

This is excellent service.
I was also very impressed by your thorough, logical and systematic approach to fixing our problem, finding the balance between fixing it properly without doing any unnecessary work.

I found you very easy to communicate with and the simple clear way you explained things meant I could actually understand the problem.

I also appreciated your approachability by telling me to call anytime if I ever had concerns and that there is no such thing as a dumb question.

We are delighted to find ourselves a new mechanic of your caliber, intelligent, friendly, thorough and professional.

I will be spreading the word.
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Annemarie Coulson - Hamilton
"I hate getting flat tyres on my horse float. Even if you discover it before you load the horse the chances are (on a trailer) that the spare is not that flash... except of course if Richard Armstrong is in charge of your wofs :) Then if you get a flat while out on the road it is of course horrid.... do you try to change it with the horses on? Can you take them off when you're on your own? Do you trust the stranger, who's willing to give you a hand, with your precious horses? So when I heard about the magic gunk they put in tyres at Arnel Service Centre that pretty much guarantees you don't get flat tyres - unless you actually manage to shred the tyre, nothings that good! - I was up for that... and true I have not had a flat tyre in my float.... until.... I bought a new float, and as it had a new wof I did not immediately do anything else... except ask Richard if the tyres had been done... No... so you guessed it, I had the float for little more than a week and bingo, flat tyre.... Hmmph. So yes the new float got the magic goop ASAP.... no more flats to this day on either float... YAY!"
Jenny Chandler
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