How do you choose a Hamilton Mechanic?

Drop your car off in the morning and we will service or repair it while you are at work.

How do you choose a Hamilton Mechanic?

Choosing the right mechanic is an important decision.

How well your car is serviced is crucial to how well it performs and lasts. To avoid costly repairs and further issues down the track, make sure you choose well.

So what do you look for when choosing a Hamilton Mechanic?

GREASE is the word!

Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are made in the same factories on the same production lines as the cars they are fitted to. The alternative, ‘aftermarket’ parts are built as multi-purpose parts meant to fit a wide range of cars and models. Because they are not optimised for your particular car, they could cause further issues down the track and it’s likely you’ll end up replacing them sooner.

This is one of the reasons why manufacturers insist on using genuine parts as part of their warranty requirements. They are more expensive, possibly because they are produced in lower quantities. But when you consider the cost of having to replace them sooner, or repair other issues that arise from using subpar parts, they are better value. If performance and longevity are important to you, choose a Hamilton Mechanic that supplies and fits parts specifically made for your make and model of vehicle.

Once your vehicle is outside it’s warranty period, you’re not constrained to using the manufacturer’s parts. However, it’s vital that you continue to use quality parts. Our replacement parts are of exceptional quality. So you can be assured that your vehicle is still being equipped with the very best.


Leave a review, and often you can see the profile pictures and read other reviews from the people who post them. Unlike other review platforms that don’t require any form of verification, you can be assured that reviews through GMB are genuine.

If you search for the business online, and they have a Google My Business listing, it will display to the right of the searches.

When you click into the reviews, you’ll be able to see how other customers have rated them for important qualities like 1. Price, 2. Professionalism, 3. Honesty and Trustworthiness, 4. Efficiency and 5. Attention to Detail.

These are the number of times people have used these words in their reviews. For example, if you click on honest, which is to the right with 5 mentions. You’ll see all the reviews where people have referred to them as “honest”.


This is two fold – experience not just as a mechanic, but experience with your particular type of car. Vehicles differ considerably and so the more knowledge your mechanic has with your car, the faster and easier it will be for them to troubleshoot issues and carry out repairs. Labour is a significant factor in the cost of repairing a vehicle; so if the mechanic has a good knowledge base to draw on, they’ll know what to look for to repair your car faster, saving time and therefore money.

If you have a European car, be sure to choose a mechanic well equipped in your model. While if you have a Classic Car, be sure to choose a specialist vintage car mechanic because repairs to these types of cars require a whole different skill set.

Advanced Diagnostics Equipment

A diagnostic test helps determine the cause of a vehicle’s mechanical issues. Today’s cars are designed with an internal computer that operates, records, and monitors all major systems and components within the vehicle. It can even receive notifications from the vehicle manufacturer and records performance history. A skilled technician, using advanced diagnostic equipment, connects to the vehicle’s computer and reads the notifications to try and understand where the issues are occurring.

Like any trade, the equipment and tools of the job dictate how well it’s done. A lot of time can be spent trying to diagnose issues with subpar diagnostic equipment, which is why it’s so important to choose a Hamilton Mechanic that invests in the very best. 

State-of-the-art trouble-shooting

“Arnells provide a great service, from the admin staff to the automotive technicians. They are professional and organized and go the extra mile, that ensures a great service overall, connecting with clients in a way that doesnt make you or your car feel just like another number. It’s great.”

Source: Google Reviews


To protect your vehicle’s warranty, and extend its longevity, it’s vital cars are serviced in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Choose a mechanic that is well versed in these requirements and has a proven track record of ticking all the boxes. Not that long ago in New Zealand, manufacturers insisted vehicles be serviced at their dealerships for warranties to remain valid. However, this led to a monopoly in the market and inflated prices being charged. Now you can choose where your car is serviced, but the mechanic still needs to show they have followed the manufacturers specifications.

Our technicians are highly trained and follow a strict code of conduct. They pride themselves on providing fast, efficient and cost-effective service. All work is conducted in accordance to the specifications of the manufacturer. Mechanics are fully qualified technicians, who undergo the latest technical and diagnostic training.

Fair and reasonable, they only repair what is really necessary so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. They will always check with you before performing any extra work and provide a detailed breakdown in advance of all the work and time involved.

“On a number of occasions we have used Arnel Service Centre for servicing both our private vehicles and business vehicles sometimes at short notice. Tony and his team have an abundance of knowledge and always provide exceptional service and advice. I would highly recommend Tony and his team to anyone looking for a reliable honest automotive service.. It’s great.”

Source: Google Reviews

So how else do you know where to take your car to be serviced to be sure these specifications are followed? The final consideration is ‘Endorsements’.


What associations are they members of? Motor Trade Association and AA Assured are both highly reputable and established organisations formed to uphold the highest standards of vehicle repairs and servicing.

If the mechanic is a member of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) you can be assured that they are qualified. Established in 1917, “all MTA members are bound to strict criteria which means that when you use an MTA member, you can expect to receive the highest quality service.

MTA repairers will only undertake work that you have authorised and will contact you if any extra work is needed. MTA repairers also provide a free Repairer Warranty on their repairs, so you can be sure that they will stand behind their work.

In the rare event that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase or repair work, MTA’s Mediation Service is ready to help you resolve issues quickly and without any fuss, or give them a call on 0508 682 633.”

AA Approved Repairers

AA approved repairers have been selected because they –

“provide quality workmanship at a fair price, adhere to the AA’s repairer specifications work to a consistently high standard of repair ensure a competent and qualified tradesperson performs the work”

Any vehicle repairs are guaranteed for 12 months or 20,000km – whichever comes first. Arnel Service Centre have trusted Hamilton mechanics that tick all the boxes.

  1. Genuine Parts
  2. Reputation – they are Hamilton’s highest-ranking mechanic with almost 100 5-star reviews
  3. Experience – 100 years experience in the auto industry
  4. Advanced diagnostics 
  5. Servicing – is always in accordance with Manufacturer requirements
  6. Endorsements – they are both MTA and AA approved repairers rechnicians

Arnel’s team of mechanics conduct comprehensive vehicle servicing, car repairs and Hamilton WOFs to ensure your vehicle runs at its best, and is reliable and safe.

When you choose Arnel you can expect – outstanding customer service, quality workmanship, experienced technicians and highly competitive prices – right in the heart of Hamilton.

They provide comprehensive and quality vehicle care in Hamilton.

  • Your ‘one-stop-shop for WOFs, servicing, and mechanical repairs
  • MTA Assured Members & AA Licensed Repairers
  • Competent and careful  technicians
  • Cars serviced in accordance with manufacturers specifications to maintain your warranty

Car Servicing

Extend the life of your vehicle and prevent breakdowns with a car service by our team of expert mechanics. The best way to save money, in the long run, is by anticipating issues and mitigating them before they occur with a regular maintenance service.

Our trusted automotive technicians can service all types of vehicles including European vehicles, hybrid vehicles and classic cars.

Our comprehensive vehicle inspections and vehicle services include:

Vehicle Repair Services

Arnel Service Centre can get your car running at it’s best again with our fully equipped workshop, advanced diagnostics equipment, genuine parts and meticulous mechanics. Plus, you’ll get peace-of-mind with our 12 month workmanship warranty.

Our experienced mechanics can carry out a wide range of auto repairs including vehicle battery replacements, brake repairs/replacements, transmission repairs, vehicle diagnostics, electrical faults and more. Our level of expertise is unmatched!

WOF Hamilton

Is your WOF due or expired? For the best WOF in Hamilton, you can’t go past Arnel Service Centre.

Our qualified & efficient mechanics:

  1. Conduct all safety checks and inspect your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive
  2. Inform you of any maintenance required, to prevent issues later on
  3. Notify you of any concerns and provide you with an estimate of repair costs. We may even be able to conduct the repairs that day

We go the extra mile to make your vehicle go the extra miles

Arnel Service Center Well-Established And Respectful Family-Owned company, and your one-stop-shop for car repairs in the Hamilton CBD. Our Hamilton mechanics take pride in their workmanship and ability to keep your vehicle running at its best using top quality, genuine parts.

With many ‘five star reviews’ from happy clients and we’re confident if you try us once, you’ll become one of our ‘regulars’ too!

Fully equipped workshop, right in the centre of Hamilton